Jane Goodall and Daryl Hawk
Buzz Aldrin and Daryl Hawk

The Unconventional Traveler reaches over 100,000 households and businesses in affluent Fairfield County, Connecticut. 82% of these people travel at least once every year. Viewers encompass every ethnic, racial and political group reflecting the diversity and character of southern Connecticut.

The Unconventional Traveler television shows typically highlight 100 – 160 still images (digital photos or color slides) which the guest/organization supplies to Hawk Productions normally two weeks prior to the taping of the show. While the pictures are being shown on our studio screen for a twenty minute portion of the segment, the guest gives anecdotes about the specific geographical area we are looking at or about the organization in general and what makes it so unique and appealing to the traveler.

The Unconventional Traveler is an exciting, inspirational and visually stimulating show that appeals to people who are looking for more meaningful and interesting ways to travel!