Ladakh: Land of High Passes
Ladakh: Daryl Hawk at the Explorers Club

By Daryl Hawk, The Unconventional Traveler

In April of 2014 Mr. Hawk embarked alone on a long 3200 mile solitary journey across the kingdom of Ladakh in northern India and the region of Kashmir.  Ladakh is a remote and rugged land that separates the peaks of the western Himalaya range from the vast Tibetan plateau. It is one of the highest and driest regions in all of the world and cut off by snow for six months of the year. The tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is found here as a living and thriving religion. There is something spiritually stirring about the silence and isolation of the place. Hawk successfully traversed the entire region from the Pakistan border in the west to the Tibet border in the east. On route, he crossed the Khardung-la Pass at 18,380 feet on the highest motorable road in the world.

Mr. Hawk was there to shoot a documentary for both magazines and television and  will share his nonstop, day to day adventures, experiences, discoveries, and valuable lessons he learned on this incredibly spiritual journey through this last Shangri-la. His quest and story to glimpse the rare and beautiful snow leopard will also be told. Photographs of dramatic and rarely ever seen before landscapes, stunning ancient Buddhist monasteries and fortresses, sacred lakes, nomads and Drokpas, recently discovered petroglyphs in caves, the Royal palace and meeting with the King and the lifestyles of the people who inhabit this kingdom will all be highlighted in this presentation.

“This was a story of great spiritual adventures. Explorers all have stories to tell and mine is told through the lens of a camera. It is the great beauty and timeless quality of the Himalayas and Ladakh that attracted me. It is my hope that this body of work captured its magical essence and will inspire people worldwide to protect the wilderness and fragile cultures that still exist there.”


“On behalf of the Harvard Travellers Club I want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your presentation of “Distant Journeys: Places Where Time Stands Still”. What a thoughtful and engaging presentation.

I’ve had so many members speak to me since the presentation saying things like, “wow that was just right”, or just superb, breathtaking photography; so many positive comments! I must say, at the outset, I was a little concerned about the number of images when we spoke and how this might work, you did a splendid job moving it along from beginning to end.

Your personal history intertwined in the story made it even more relevant for members and of course many recognized some of the images having travelled to those locations themselves.

I vey much appreciate your flexibility in rescheduling our evening due to the enormous snowstorm I am really glad we were all able to accommodate another date.

Thank you again, and we do hope that you will return for another presentation at some point in the future.”

Peter H. Creighton
Harvard Travellers Club

“Daryl Hawk’s presentations are some of the highest rated and well attended lectures we have. I highly encourage you to have him speak to your group. His speaking skills are superb, his travel images are compelling, and storytelling unforgettable! He energizes our audiences because he understands them so well. Our members always look at the world a little differently after experiencing a Daryl Hawk program.”

Kevin O’Brien
Public Lectures Coordinator
The Explorers Club

“Daryl Hawk has been presenting at the AMC for almost 10 years. He has a large following that comes to see his shows and that has increased our audience numbers considerably. His audio visual presentations are always fresh and filled with extraordinary images that demonstrate his skill as a superb adventure photojournalist. Daryl really connects with the soul of nature, idigenous cultures, and farwaway places and conveys that spirit to audiences who can be heard ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’ throughout his performance. He passes on the message that life is precious in all forms and carries a message of hope, exuberance and life lessons to all who are lucky enough to be present. Your decision to have Daryl Hawk present to your group would indeed be a wise one!”

Eleanor Sasso
Social and programs coordinator
Appalachian Mountain Club
Fairfield County, Connecticut chapter


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