The Unconventional Traveler- Client Testimonials

“My appearance on your show The Unconventional Traveler really told a great story about our trekking trips to the Himalayas. You featured our organization in a very positive manner and the exposure the show gave us was extremely valuable. I would highly recommend the show to other tour operators as a good vehicle for exposure to a very important market.”

Ben Wallace
Himalayan Travel

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being a guest on your show! You made me feel comfortable and told such interesting stories about our organization and ecotourism destinations. We hope that your show continues to be a great success in the future.”

Audrey Patterson
Tread Lightly

“I am a travel photographer and have appeared twice as a guest on Daryl Hawk’s television show The Unconventional Traveler. Each time I have been very happy with the finished product. As well, I have enjoyed the process of taping the show with Daryl. Daryl clearly explains to his guests what is expected and needed ahead of the time. Hid advanced preparation makes for a very smooth run experience. I have been a guest on two other television shows and neither met Daryl’s professional standards. With Daryl there was no last minute rush or panic. The crew is friendly , which helps put a guest at rest. The camera work was very impressive especially with its zoom techniques, thus allowing the best possible presentation. I always felt I had free rein to express myself in the interviews and that my images (color slides) were shown to their best advantage. I would certainly urge any colleagues to seize an opportunity appear on Daryl’s show.”

Alison Jones
Travel Photographer and Writer

“It was a delight to be interviewed by Daryl and to be part of his show. As an interviewer, Daryl was easy to talk with and made me feel very comfortable. By the same token, he asked pertinent questions and prepared himself well for the show. From a business perspective, I also liked the format of the show. As a photographer, it was a pleasure to be able to show some of my favorite slides and discuss what was going on. The process enabled me to focus on the points I wanted the audience to see, as well as hear. Certainly it would be a pleasure to be part of his show The Unconventional Traveler again.”

DR. Antonia Neubauer, President
Myths and Mountains Educational Adventures

“After doing a show with Daryl Hawk we always feel inspired and uplifted. Daryl has a warm , winning personality that immediately puts one at ease. In this relaxed, easy-going matter we are made to feel comfortable, as though we are sitting together in our living room in animated conversation of shared interests. Daryl has a special gift for relating to people, a fit that serves him well in working with guests, technicians, and audience. Part of his appeals is his ability to enthusiastically involve everyone around him in a subject he so passionatley believes in – The Unconventional Traveler. It was refreshing to watch the progression of a talent and mission that are untainted by egotism.”

Martha Scott
Art Historian

“My Experience on Daryl Hawk’s The Unconventional Traveler was splendid. With his relaxed and sincere style. he made me feel comfortable while preparing me for the show. I hope he has the chance to expand this concept nationally.”

Nevada Wier
Travel Photographer