International documentary photographer, Daryl Hawk, will present a photo documentary and lecture entitled “Into the Heart of Cuba.”

Daryl was one of the first Americans to travel alone without any restrictions and unlimited access to all areas. Riding in a 1953 Chevrolet for 2 weeks, he fell in love with this unique country within hours of his arrival. “The visual stimulation that I experienced from dawn to dusk was truly exhilarating.  I have never seen such a perfect combination of beautiful light, color and the friendliest and most welcoming people in all of my travels. Explorers all have stories to tell. Mine is told through the lens of a camera. I am a visual explorer.

Daryl has made six trips to Cuba between 2016 – 2022. He started his Cuba journeys in the capital of Havana where the day to day street life and architecture was his main focus. He then made his way to the rural Vinales region which is world renowned for tobacco plantations. From there he continued to head east through the cities of Cinfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Camaguay, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa, the most eastern point in Cuba. The stunning architecture, colorful cars from the 1950s, remote caves, environmental portraits of people from all walks of life, and dramatic landscapes are all covered in the presentation.

Daryl travels to Cuba with the goal of shooting documentaries for magazines and television and will share his nonstop, day to day adventures, experiences, discoveries, and valuable lessons he learned on these incredibly spiritual journeys. He will discuss his style, philosophy, and various techniques he uses when photographing subject matter. Equipment, lighting on location, environmental portraits, and travel tips on planning a trip to Cuba will all be covered as well.

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