UNCONVENTIONAL TRAVELERS is a small, personalized tour company that focuses on inspiring travelers to see the world in a new way by experiencing first hand other cultures and lifestyles.

We specialize in small group tours that will lead you on a magical journey that will excite and transform you. These stimulating photographic explorations inspire and connect travelers with some of the world’s most beautiful places. Our groups absorb the authentic culture of a place, immersing the traveler in the local landscapes and capturing its essence through photography while celebrating memorable moments. All levels of photographers are encouraged to expand their perspectives and cultural awareness – all you need is a camera or iPhone and an adventurous spirit.

We travel with a purpose where curiosity is always in motion. We feel we have a responsibility to leave places a little better than we found them and offer some trips that get involved with conservation projects. Lectures, discussions and outdoor assignments on these journeys are incorporated in our innovative itineraries.

Plan on the following emphasis when you travel with us:

  • the art of engaging the local people who inhabit these faraway lands which ultimately will lead to great photographic opportunities and meaningful relationships
  • the ability to look at life up close by immersing yourself in your surroundings and living every minute in the present moment
  • learning to use your camera as a tool to slow down the world around you; you will learn to look for dramatic light, find strong subject matter for compelling compositions, and creating spontaneity in situations when the opportunity arises.
  • the art of telling stories with your camera, shooting an in-depth documentary with the perfect combination of people, landscapes, architecture, wildlife, etc.

We have trips planned for the 2019 and 2020 season to Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Patagonia. Please see our “Upcoming Events” page for detailed information and pricing. www.unconventionaltravelers.com

Personalized Coaching For Travel Photographers

Going on a trip and planning on bringing a camera to document your journey? Want images you will be proud to share with your friends and family?

Before you pack your bags, spend a couple of hours or more with Daryl studying photographic techniques he has developed over 30 years of traveling around the world shooting photo documentaries in faraway places. As a documentary photographer, he has extensive experience photographing people, landscapes, architecture, nature, and wildlife in both color and black and white(see his photo gallery).

In one-on-one sessions at his unique Wilton, Connecticut studio surrounded by rock gardens and woods, Hawk uses his extensive photographic library of images to illustrate his varied approaches to lighting, composition, choosing the right lenses and film, and much more!

Additionally, Daryl can help you plan an itinerary properly and choose the right tour operator based on his contacts worldwide. Tips on travel preparation, packing, and how to interact with different cultures will also be covered. When you return from your travels, he will help you edit and critique your work and then steer you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Any level of photographer can benefit from this coaching – whether beginner, serious amateur, or professional! Call or email us today!

Rates: $125 hour