Personalized Coaching For Travel Photographers

Going on a trip and planning on bringing a camera to document your journey? Want images you will be proud to share with your friends and family?

Before you pack your bags, spend a couple hours or more with Daryl studying photographic techniques he has developed over 30 years of traveling around the world shooting photo documentaries in faraway places. As a documentary photographer, he has extensive experience photographing people, landscapes, architecture, nature, and wildlife in both color and black and white(see his photo gallery).

In one-on-one sessions at his unique Wilton, Connecticut studio surrounded by rock gardens and woods, Hawk uses his extensive photographic library of images to illustrate his varied approaches to lighting, composition, choosing the right lenses and film, and much more!

Additionally, Daryl can help you plan an itinerary properly and choose the right tour operator based on his contacts worldwide. Tips on travel preparation, packing, and how to interact with different cultures will also be covered. When you return from your travels, he will help you edit and critique your work and then steer you in the right direction to achielve your goals.

Any level of photographer can benefit from this coaching – whether beginner, serious amateur, or professional! Call or email us today!

Rates: $125 hour