UNCONVENTIONAL TRAVELERS is a small, personalized tour company that focuses on inspiring travelers to see the world in a new way by experiencing first hand other cultures and lifestyles. We believe that some of the best adventures occur when you are far away from familiar things. We take our guests on extraordinary trips to places unspoiled by tourism where the raw beauty of these places is awe- inspiring and the emotions they create can be life changing. We also go to some classic destinations, but we experience them in a more authentic and in-depth fashion than most other tour groups.

We specialize in small sized tours that will lead you on a magical journey to excite and transform you. These stimulating photographic explorations inspire and connect travelers with some of the world’s most beautiful places. Our groups absorb the authentic culture of a place, immersing the traveler in the local landscapes and capturing its essence through photography while celebrating memorable moments. All levels of photographers are encouraged to expand their perspectives and cultural awareness – all you need is a camera or smartphones and an adventurous spirit.

We travel with a purpose where curiosity is always in motion trips that involve conservation projects. We feel we have a responsibility to leave places a little better than we found them and offer some trips that get involved with conservation projects. Discussions and outdoor assignments on these journeys are incorporated in our innovative itineraries. A portion of the proceeds from each of our trips goes towards a climate neutrality initiative meaning our travels have less of a negative impact on the environment and local communities.

Plan on the following emphasis when you travel with us:

  • the art of engaging the local people who inhabit these faraway lands which ultimately will lead to great photographic opportunities and meaningful relationships
  • the ability to look at life up close by immersing yourself in your surroundings and living every minute in the present moment
  • learning to use your camera as a tool to slow down the world around you; you will learn to look for dramatic light, find strong subject matter for compelling compositions, and creating spontaneity in situations when the opportunity arises.
  • the art of telling stories with your camera, shooting an in-depth documentary with the perfect combination of people, landscapes, architecture, wildlife, etc.

We have trips planned for the 2019 and 2020 season to the following areas that Daryl Hawk has personally traveled to many times and is very familiar with: Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Patagonia and Peru. True adventure involves the unknown but you want to travel with people who are intimately familiar with a destination. We go to great lengths to show our guests the best that this magnificent planet has to offer. Come travel with us in and become an Unconventional Traveler!


Meet Daryl Hawk

For the past twenty-five years, explorer and international documentary photographer Daryl Hawk has traveled alone to some of the most remote places in the world telling stories with his camera. Places where time stands still and powerful nature and solitude reigns supreme. Hawk spends weeks at a time documenting and immersing himself in different cultures and landscapes. He is a passionate defender of the world’s remaining wilderness areas and uses his photography to shine a light on why we need to protect them. Also, one of his main goals with his documentaries is to show the universality of all people from all countries world-wide.

His articles and images often appear in magazines and newspapers worldwide. He has also been featured several times on NBC’s Today Show and FOX 5 television. He is a member of the Explorers Club, founded in New York City in 1904 promoting the exploration of land, sea, air and space. He is also a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Professional Photographers Association.

He is the owner of “Unconventional Travelers”, a small personalized tour company that focuses on inspiring travelers to see the world in a new way by experiencing first hand other cultures and lifestyles. These stimulating photographic explorations inspire and connect travelers with some of the world’s most beautiful places.  Upcoming trips include Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Patagonia and Costa Rica. For more information, please go to “Tours and Workshops” page.

Additionally, Hawk has published five books. The first, “Distant Journeys”, consists of his favorite 250 color photographs and poems taken from some of the most remote places around the world. The second book entitled “Quiet Moments” is a compilation of 120 black and white nature, nautical, New York City, and miscellaneous travel images. His third book entitled “White Pond” combines both his photography as well as his poetry. This book is a tribute to a small lake in southern New Hampshire where he has spent his entire life enjoying solitude and nature. His fourth book “Manhattan” is an in-depth documentary spanning every area in the city that he has spent so much of his life wandering around and always inspired by the endless photographic possibilities. His most recent book “Into the Heart of Cuba” is a 250 page book with images from his circumnavigation around Cuba in the spring of 2016.

He is the former producer and host of the Cablevision television show “The Unconventional Traveler” which features some of the world’s leading explorers, travel photographers and filmmakers sharing their work from various expeditions and documentaries. He has produced over 100 shows over the past 10 years. Some of his guests have included Buzz Aldrin, Jane Goodall, Reinhold Messner and George Schaller.

In 2004 Hawk had the unique distinction of carrying the historic Explorers Club flag across the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan (“Bhutan West to East Traverse”, flag #73). A guest of the Royal family, he was hired to produce and host an in-depth documentary for both American and Bhutanese television as well as international magazines. An Explorers Club flag expedition must further the cause of exploration and field science.

He also runs a full service studio in Wilton, Connecticut specializing in portrait, corporate, wedding, and advertising photography. Some of his clients include General Electric, Nikon, Fuji, IBM, Deloite and Touche, The Travel Channel, Apple Computer, Chesebrough-Ponds, Olin and tourist boards worldwide.